Three Things To Know About Tipping Your Airport Shuttle Driver

Catching a shuttle from your hotel to the airport can get your trip started off with ease. Instead of fussing over driving directions and long-term parking, you can simply board the shuttle and enjoy the view -- minutes later, you'll be standing in front of your departure terminal, getting ready to start your vacation or business trip. Airport shuttles are often complimentary when you stay at the hotel, but this doesn't mean that you should leave your wallet in your pocket or purse for the entire trip. It's a good gesture to tip the driver once you reach the airport to convey your thanks for his or her care. Here are three things to know about the tipping process.

Basic Tipping

The custom for tipping your airport shuttle driver is easy to remember. Generally, you should plan to tip the driver $1 or $2 for carrying you from your hotel to the airport. It's always best to tip for this service with cash, so make sure you have enough small bills on hand; one way to ensure that you have the right bill denominations is to break a larger bill at the hotel's front desk before you board the shuttle.

Tipping With Luggage

It's also important to tip a little extra for a shuttle driver who assists you with your travel luggage. You have the option of loading and unloading your luggage yourself, but drivers will customarily ask if you want assistance with this matter before you board. Aim to tip the driver $1 per bag that is easy to manage and $2 per bag that is large, heavy or otherwise cumbersome. The amount that you tip per bag should ideally be in addition to the basic amount for the tip -- this means that if you wish to tip properly for a ride to the airport and help with one medium-sized bag, you could realistically expect to tip about $3.

Factors To Consider

There are certain circumstances in which you might wish to tip beyond the suggested amount because you feel that your shuttle driver has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Consider tipping more if you were running late but the driver waited for you before departing. You can also tip a little extra if the driver gave you valuable advice about navigating the airport during your first time visiting -- for example, he or she told you exactly what to do upon entering the terminal.

If you're still unsure about how much to tip a shuttle driver, you can always contact a local shuttle company like Broadway Cab and ask them what would be acceptable.