Make the Most of Your Visit to Peru with a Detailed Itinerary

If you haven't already gotten airline tickets and secured hotel reservations in Peru, stop and think about your travel itinerary. Just spending time in the awesome country of Peru will be enough to change your life, but you also want to ensure that you see all of the highlights. With a properly detailed itinerary, you are guaranteed to stay active all day while relaxing and enjoying the night. Use this guide to learn more about the most exciting parts of Peru and get busy planning on your itinerary.

Planning Your First Stop in Peru

Do you want to go to Cusco first, where you can walk along the ancient Inca Trail and see the mountains, animals, and plants that are native to Peru? Alternatively, making your first stop off in Lima will treat you to one of the most modern parts of the country, where you will encounter everyday people, restaurants, and comfortable hotels. Knowing where you want to go first in Peru will better help you to plan the rest of your trip, as you will need to travel by car, train, or bus to other major cities and destination locations.

Going on Multi-Day Peruvian Adventures

Many visitors choose to plan out custom Peruvian vacations so that they can go white water rafting, as well as trek up the mountains of ancient Machu Picchu. Although you will have to dedicate yourself to completing these ambitious outings, you will come away with firsthand knowledge of the culture of Peru. For a great view of the coast, visit Chicama, which is renowned for its beaches and high tides that are great for surfing.

Come Back From Peru with More Than Memories

When you have finished taking pictures and learning history lessons, you will want something that you can hold on to bring back memories of Peru once you've gone home. In Lima, you can purchase traditional arts and crafts as well as regular old t-shirts for yourself and your family. In Puerto Maldanado, there are also numerous shops for visitors to browse casually and come up with some great finds. Whether your visit to Peru is just going to be a few days or several months, custom Peruvian vacations will allow you to enjoy the country completely. Learn the ways of the ancient Inca, mingle with modern day inhabitants, and go home planning to come back for further exploration.

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