Employee Morale Seen Better Days? 4 Reasons A Travel Incentive Could Help

If you own a business, and you regularly hand out cash bonuses each year, there are some good reasons why you should be switching to a travel incentive program instead. While cash bonuses are good, they don't always provide the results employers were hoping for. This is particularly true when employers provide the same cash bonus every year. Before you hand out bonuses this year, here are four benefits to offering travel incentives instead.

Provide Unique Opportunities

Employees aren't always able to take the vacations they'd like. Whether it's budget constraints, or other obligations, those travel plans always seem to get pushed aside. However, when you provide travel incentives for your employees, budget constraints no longer interfere with travel, and other obligations can be dealt with. Not only that, but as an employer, you could plan unique opportunities that individuals might not be able to enjoy, such as group outings to exotic settings.

Travel Destinations for any Budget

Whether you're the owner of a big corporation or a small local business, there are travel destination incentives for any budget. You might not be able to offer your employees a week on an exotic island, but you could still offer them a weekend at a local ski resort or lake house.

Encourages Productivity Among Employees

If you're providing cash bonuses each year, your employees might not be giving you the added productivity you're hoping for. That's because cash is usually spent on bills and other obligations, which doesn't necessarily promote excitement. However, when you offer travel incentives, you'll be encouraging productivity among all your employees.

If you provide group incentives, you'll also be encouraging team building. Not only will your employees be working to those travel incentives for themselves, they'll also be working to advance their team. The team spirit you generate through your travel incentive program will carry on throughout the year, as employees look forward to the next opportunity to earn a travel bonus.

Reduces Workplace Stress

Worksite stress can lead to increased sick days. Unfortunately, those sick days eat away at your budget. Travel incentive programs reduce workplace stress. First, travel bonuses provide a positive incentive for employees to come to work and participate. Second, employees return from their travels well-rested and ready to work.

If you're not offering travel incentives to your employees, you should be. For more information, contact a business such as Fab at Incentives