Select An Airport Transportation Provider That Can Offer These Advantages

When you and your family are planning a vacation by air, it makes sense to hire a transportation service, like Lincoln Yellow Cab, to get you to the airport before your flight and then pick you up and take you home after your return from the trip. This arrangement is easier than trying to arrange transportation from a family member. There are likely a number of transportation services in your city that can address your needs, but it's useful to call a couple different providers to assess whether they can offer these perks.

Flight Monitoring

Similarly to how airport-area hotels frequently have TVs in the lobby that allow you to track flight information to ensure that your flight is on time, many airport transportation services offer flight monitoring to their passengers. This means that you simply give your flight information to the company upon making the booking, and the driver will receive alerts about any changes to your flight. The driver can then relay this information to you, keeping you well informed during your ride.

Transport For Family Pets

Some families take their family pet on vacation with them, so it's important to ensure that your airport transportation service can accept animals in its vehicles. When you've gone through the process of registering your family dog to ride on the airplane with you, for example, the last thing you want is to find out that animals aren't allowed in your airport transportation service's vehicles. While you may have to follow certain criteria — for example, family pets may have to be kept in a pet hauler — many airport transportation services will allow their passengers to travel with pets.

No Penalty For Flight Delays

When you confirm your flight, you'll want to book the airport transportation service to not only take you to the airport, but to also have a driver and vehicle waiting at the airport to pick you up upon your return home. If the flight ends up delayed for any reason, the last thing you want is to have to pay more for your ride home from the airport — after all, the delay won't be your fault. Ensure that your airport transportation service doesn't charge penalties for flight delays. Your driver will have your flight number, and if it is indeed delayed, he or she will still be able to pick you up — and you won't have to pay more.