How to Have a Great Family Reunion at a Beach Location

Are you in charge of planning this year's family reunion? Even if it's a last minute assignment, you still have time to create a great time for those who will attend. From planning the food to planning a dip sea fishing trip, here are some ideas that may help you to make this year's family reunion a fun and memorable one.

Enlist Some Help

As you plan your family reunion, you have probably realized that there are a lot of things that need to be done ahead of time. 

Make a list of everything that needs to be accomplished first. For example, write down that you'll need help with menus and food shopping. Next, match a person to each item on your list. If you have a sister that is known for her cooking expertise, she may be excited about being asked to plan meals. Put out the word to all those who are attending the reunion that you would love suggestions for activities that your group will enjoy the most.

Be sure to put things in writing. For example, don't just give dates and times of your reunion over the phone or in an email. Send an attractive invitation that includes things like dates, times, and even an agenda of what the group will be doing.

Plan The Fun

Consider the different ages of those who will attend the reunion, and go from there.

Do you have little children who will be part of the group? Think of things they can do with minimal supervision. For example, if you set up a safe area with lots of different toys, the children can play while another group does sports. 

Will there also be family members who are not interested in busy group activities? Be sure to have quiet activities for them. For example, bring board games and crafts for that group.

You should also think about having at least one major activity. For example, plan a deep sea fishing trip. Those are not only fun for the guys in the group, but for the rest of your family members, too. You might need to go out in more than one boat.

If you do decide to go on a deep sea fishing trip, hire professionals to take you out. They'll know the best places to fish, and they'll have the experience to know how to keep all of you safe. 

Be sure to take lots of pictures. Framed ones will come in handy when you need birthday gifts or Christmas presents.