4 Great Reasons To Go On A Cycling Tour

Road trips are an American travel tradition. If you're itching to hit the open road, consider doing so on a bicycle instead of driving your car. Cycling tours provide a different type of trip than the standard auto-based road trip. Here's some of the benefits of seeing the country from a bike. 

You'll Return Even More Toned and Fit 

Those who enjoy traditional vacation venues often return with unplanned souvenirs in the form of unwanted pounds. However, those on bicycle tours burn away the calories during the day, allowing them to indulge in regional delicacies during the evening. Imagine not having to worry about that delicious piece of chocolate cake after dinner or those three glasses of microbrew at the end of a long day going straight to your hips. You'll ride the calories off the next day while getting an exhilarating workout -- right after you've enjoyed a big breakfast. As an added benefit, you'll probably return home in better physical shape than when you left.

You'll Make New Friends 

Bike tours attract a variety of people, from young students to mature professionals and everyone in between. Meeting and mingling with those from all walks of life is a refreshing way to get out of a social rut. Meal breaks and evenings provide plenty of time for participants in bike tours to socialize. You'll also meet a variety interesting people along the way -- the slower pace of bike travel allows for more personal interaction. 

You'll Have Time to Yourself

Along with having opportunities to socialize with others, you'll have plenty of time to yourself even if you're going on the tour with a partner. Experienced bicycle tour enthusiasts often say that it's similar to meditation -- you're gliding along on the roadway enjoying the beautiful views while alone with your thoughts. If you've ever felt somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of socializing traditional vacations involve, a bike tour may provide just the right balance between relative solitude and spending time interacting with others. 

You'll See Things You Wouldn't See in a Car

When you're traveling by bike, you'll see that unusual single wildflower half hidden in the ditch that you'd miss if you were in a car, or allow you to catch more than just a quick glimpse of that wild animal before it disappears into the brush. You'll also get more intimate views in urban situations -- for instance, you'll run across those little cafes and shops that locals love and most tourists never even know about. 

Please contact your local bike tour company for more information on seeing the country by bike.