4 Tips for Interacting with Ghanaians Like a Native

Ghana is a West African nation full of character and verve, and visiting Ghana will enrich your life in many ways. However, as someone who is not native to the area, you would likely want to know how to respectfully and kindly interact with those around you. Here are four tips for interacting with the people of Ghana to help you get the most out of your trip.

Use Your Right Hand Only

The most important rule you should follow in Ghana is to use your right hand for everything. This is because, traditionally, the left hand is used to wipe after visiting the bathroom. Don't worry, people do use toilet paper and clean up after using the facilities. However, the left hand is still considered unsanitary. Therefore, always use your right hand when greeting people, giving and receiving items (including money), and eating.

Greet People from Right to Left

When meeting groups of people, always start introducing yourself and greeting others from right to left. For instance, if there are two Ghanaians standing in front of you, always greet the person on the right first, regardless of his or her age, gender, or social status. Additionally, when you enter an area, always offer a greeting. Although this is a well-worn custom, it can help you make friends and get to know people faster by making yourself appear approachable.

Avoid Wasting Stuff

Everything in Ghana has value, so it's important you waste as little as possible. Something that doesn't have any value to you could be reused or recycled by someone else into something else useful. For instance, an empty water bottle could be used to store more water or as a cooking aid. Instead of throwing away something you think is useless, offer it to another person first.

Respect Diversity

Ghana is a highly diverse nation that is respectful of all its people's differences. Therefore, avoid speaking ill of any religion, political group, or the behavior of the ethnic groups you find there. Not only is it rude to speak ill of a host country while within their borders, but you may leave a bad impression about yourself—and consequently, your own country and ethnicity—with the locals.

By following these tips, you will be able to learn more about the local culture. For more tips on interacting with Ghanaians or to book a tour to the area, contact a travel agency like Continent Tours.