3 Himalayan Treks Ideal For First-Timers

Many people dream of trekking in the Himalayas. This incredible mountain range offers some amazing views and unique terrain. However, many of the treks that take place in the Himalayas are quite difficult and not very well suited for beginners or first-timers. If this will be your first mountain trek of this sort, here are some of the more approachable treks to consider.

Sainj Valley

The Sainj Valley is a lovely valley in Himachal Pradesh. As it is located inside the Great Himalaya National Park, it is a rather popular place to trek, so you'll have the comfort of knowing your group is not alone on the trails. The valley does get very cold in the winter, but many people choose to trek in the spring when the temperatures are usually above freezing and when the grasslands are beginning to turn green. You'll get to see views of the Raktisar Glacier and Pundrik Lake, along with various villages. Most treks through this region last two-three days.

Kedarkantha Trek

If you'd like an easy trek but one that takes a little longer, trekking in Kedarkantha is a great choice as well. You'll trek up the Kedarkantha mountain to the summit, and then back down. The entire adventure takes 6 - 7 days, and while you will gain a lot of elevation, most of the climbing is easy and the ascent is slow. This trek is beautiful and approachable in all seasons, but nighttime temperatures can fall well below zero in the winter, so first-timers may want to go in spring or summer.

Phulara Ridge Trek

This unique trek takes place along a ridge. Part of the ridge is forested, and part is barren, so you get to see a range of landscapes. It takes groups about 6 days to hike the entire ridge, but sometimes you can find shorter treks that only traverse a part of the ridge. There is not a ton of elevation change, and the paths are easy to traverse. However, you will see lots of wildlife along the way — most notably, birds that are native to the Himalayas.

If you have always wanted to trek in the Himalayas, don't wait any longer. The Himalayan treks above are well-suited to beginners, and they all offer lovely payoffs in terms of views. Make sure you go with a good guide and a group of friends you can trust.